Minister for Foreign Action Alfred Bosch denounces the precautionary closure of foreign delegations as a serious attack on self-government in Catalonia

The minister calls the decision by the High Court of Justice in Catalonia to suspend the embassies in Argentina, Mexico and Tunisia an attack "on free speech and on a democratically constituted government."

"This is the worst attack on Catalonia’s devolved government since the application of article 155" was Alfred Bosch’s firm response, referring to the temporary suspension in 2017 of home rule in Catalonia with the Spanish government triggering article 155 of the Constitution. According to the decision of the High Court of Justice in Catalonia, the order to suspend the opening of three new delegations abroad responds to the argument that they may "harm" Spain and generate "damage that is difficult to repair" on the image of Spain abroad. The minister assured that the Government of Catalonia "cannot accept this order to close" which implies "an attack on free speech, an attack on the freedom of a democratically constituted government," in words of Catalonia’s chief diplomat.

“The internationalization of Catalonia is essential in a global world and Catalan foreign action is legitimate and necessary”
Alfred Bosch Minister for Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency

In the face of this suspension, the Government of Catalonia will study the legal case, and as announced by the minister, the government will defend itself: "They are prejudging our intentions. We will defend ourselves." Among the allegations in presenting an appeal, the Minister for Foreign Action points out that "the three delegations are covered by the current framework of competencies and that they have hardly begun to function" since they have only just been approved.

In fact, with these three delegations, the Generalitat has extended the number of Government delegates abroad to 15, with delegations now covering a total of 39 countries. That is why Minister Bosch insists that "the internationalization of Catalonia is essential in a global world" and that Catalan foreign action is not only "legitimate" but also "necessary".