Fifteen European media publish an article by Oriol Junqueras denouncing Spanish repression and defending democracy

Spanish repression reached into the heart of Europe this week through the legal conflict over the accreditations of Catalan pro-independence MEPs. In this setting, some fifteen European media have published an opinion article by imprisoned leader Oriol Junqueras calling on European democrats to "help make dialogue between Catalonia and Spain fruitful" and "demand an end to the repression which has brought us one of the darkest moments in European democracy." The President of Esquerra also asks them to halt the Spanish Supreme Court's request to lift the parliamentary immunity of President Puigdemont and Minister Comín, as "it does not seek justice, but revenge."

Mr Junqueras alluded to the ruling by the European Court of Justice making it clear that he is a Member of the European Parliament and enjoys immunity as of his election by the people, and therefore his rights have been violated since he has not been allowed to take office, having been sentenced without prior waiver by the parliament of his immunity. For Junqueras this is clearer evidence than ever that this conflict is European and that "defending democracy in Catalonia means defending it in Europe and its very survival."

Finally, he suggests the end of repression through an amnesty for the whole trial against independence, a negotiating table between Catalonia and Spain and a referendum on independence.

The article has been published in the following media:

  1. Euractiv (EU).
  2. The National (Scotland).
  3. Neues Deutschland (Germany).
  4. L’Avvenire (Italy).
  5. L’Opinion (France).
  6. Vecernji List (Croacia).
  7. Le Soir (Belgium).
  8. Le Devoir (Canada).
  9. Newsweek (Mexico).
  10. Vecer (Slovenia).
  11. Público (Portugal).
  12. HBF (Finland).
  13. Aktuality (Slovakia).
  14. Eesti Päevaleht (Estonia).