Catalan government coalition partners move to present a bill in Parliament to bring amnesty to Spanish Congress

The Esquerra and Junts parliamentary groups endorse a call for international engagement to reach an agreement on a referendum with the Spanish government

The two parties have jointly introduced a motion during the ongoing general policy debate for a resolution calling on the parliamentary groups to support the passage of an Amnesty bill to be introduced in the Spanish Congress. They see it as one of general consensus in the country and want Parliament to make it clear that the right to self-determination is the democratic path to resolve all political conflict. The chamber also shares the need for amnesty as the only solution to end the political repression of the last years.

In the document, the two groups propose parliament urges the government to explore the engagement and the possible intervention of European and international bodies so as to come to an agreement with Spain on a referendum.

Another point Esquerra includes is to expedite the formalization the National Agreement on Self-Determination and Amnesty as a “broad and plural space for reflection.”

Alongside this motion, another has been introduced for a resolution in terms of national accord and which is also signed jointly by the two groups, urging the Catalan government “to continue to labour in advancing afresh in the democratic struggle to attain the Catalan Republic and the independence of our country.”