Catalan independence parties top 50% in votes and increase parliamentary majority

Esquerra leader Pere Aragonès steps forward for investiture and calls for the formation of a broad-based government after the “undisputable” results for independence in the parliamentary election

In his appearance after confirmation of the election results on Sunday, 14 February, which gave Esquerra 33 seats in Parliament and the possible return to government leadership 80 years after the 1930s Republic, the candidate to the presidency Pere Aragonès assured that from Sunday on, a new scenario has opened up under Esquerra’s leadership, in which amnesty for the political prisoners and the self-determination of the Catalan people, as well as a progressive policy outlook for the nation’s recovery, are all now possible.

“When Catalonia is led by Esquerra Republicana, the country progresses. That is why, from this moment on, I will work to bring together all the forces for Catalan independence and sovereignty committed to the right to self-determination, amnesty for the release of the political prisoners and the return of the exiles, uniting their support for my investiture as the next President of Catalonia’s Generalitat government,” Mr Aragonés announced.

The lead candidate for Esquerra asserted that Catalonia has made history because independence has finally topped 50% of the vote. “The result is undisputable; the new Parliament features a clear majority of pro-independence MPs,” said Esquerra’s leader. With 74 seats, the pro-independence parties have seen their majority increase in the Parliament of Catalonia.

Mr Aragonés insisted on the need for a broad-based government led by Esquerra Republicana, as he defended throughout the campaign. A government of shared struggles, he added, will seek strength in the majority consensuses we have as a country, especially after the “bad news” of the entry of the far right into Parliament. “I call on all progressive forces in favour of amnesty and self-determination to step forward and join our broad path towards building an agreement together on policy by which we will be directly committed to the government of the country,” concluded Mr Aragonés after receiving the support of over 600,000 voters.

It is a very clear message for Catalan society as a whole: Catalonia has shown once again that it wants self-determination and amnesty
Oriol Junqueras President of Esquerra Republicana

Party president Oriol Junqueras assured that 80 years after the 1930s Republic, Esquerra Republicana will once again hold the presidency of the Generalitat. “We will put an end to this protracted period in which we were expelled from the institutions,” said Mr Junqueras. The Esquerra leader also noted that pro-independence parties had exceeded 50% of the vote.

“It is a very clear message for Catalan society as a whole: Catalonia has shown once again that it wants self-determination and amnesty,” Mr Junqueras said, and continued “at Esquerra Republicana we are convinced we will complete the process.” He extended his hand to the other forces in order to reach greater consensus in favour of self-determination, amnesty and on the Catalan Republic.

Mr Junqueras further thanked all those who elected Esquerra to “restore a national deficit” at the polls, and also addressed citizens who had not opted for the Esquerra ballot. “They will always find in us a party willing to listen. When Esquerra leads and governs the country, the country progresses based on major consensus,” he said.