Common front in Parliament to curb far-right hate speech

The Esquerra Republicana, centre-right Junts per Catalunya, along with left-wing CUP and Comuns, and socialist PSC Parliamentary Groups have agreed on a series of basic measures to guarantee democracy, rights and diversity in Parliament.

After several meetings over the past weeks, the five groups have agreed on ten measures to curb the rhetoric of hatred and the activity of the far right in the Parliament of Catalonia.

The signatories mean to show their commitment to a fully democratic Catalonia, a defender of human rights and a guarantor of equality and freedom for all those who live and carry on their life projects in Catalonia, with pride and commitment to our diversity.

They consider that the Parliament of Catalonia must fully reflect this commitment and that, at its very core, there is no room for racist, LGTBI phobic, authoritarian or sexist attitudes or proclamations.
This agreement comes after the far-right has entered the Catalan parliament for the first time after the elections on 14 February.