Esquerra again demands appearance in Congress by the Spanish Government on the flight of the emeritus king

Esquerra MP Carolina Telechea denounces that “the Spanish Constitutional regime of 1978, led by the Spanish Socialist PSOE, closes ranks to maintain the privileges of an opaque, corrupt and undemocratic institution”

On Tuesday, the Esquerra Group in Congress, together with the Junts per Catalunya, EH Bildu, CUP and BNG groups, once again requested the appearance of the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and his First Deputy PM Carmen Calvo to explain the government’s involvement in Juan Carlos’ flight to the United Arab Emirates.

Last week, the Bureau of the Congress overturned the last attempt to get the top officials of the Spanish government to account for the steps taken by the executive concerning the flight of the emeritus king, alleging that “it was beyond the government’s purview.” “It is intolerable that the right to parliamentary scrutiny of a covert operation to cover up the embarrassment of the Royal Household is being scorned,” said Esquerra’s deputy spokeswoman in Congress, Carolina Telechea, at a joint press conference.

“Once again, the regime’s parties are once again preventing the citizens from learning about the corruption of the Royal Household,” said Ms Telechea, who accussed the Constitutional regime of 1978 of “closing ranks, led by the PSOE, to maintain the privileges of an opaque, corrupt and undemocratic institution”. “Every time the Republican Left calls for transparency, the Spanish government responds with opacity,” she said. “That is why we want to break with this regime and defend independence. They will find us at the head of the fight to end this impunity,” she concluded.