Esquerra calls for guarantees for the negotiations: “Some demanded them, we are now forging them”

The President of Catalonia’s Generalitat government, Pere Aragonès, points out that the team is going to the next session of the negotiating table with the aim of reaching specific agreements to “reverse part of the repressive architecture” of the State.

“Negotiation for the resolution of a political conflict requires will, determination, recognition of all parties, equal conditions and guarantees,” said the chair of Esquerra’s parliamentary group, Josep Maria Jové, in the Chamber on Wednesday. He stressed that while “some demanded” these guarantees, Esquerra Republicana “is now forging them.” He warned that before Esquerra’s efforts “their ‘no to everything’ does not bring us any closer to amnesty, self-determination or independence.”

In parliamentary Question Time, Mr Jové insisted that at next week’s meeting of the negotiating table “there will be methodology and guarantees,” and he asserted that there are “decisive steps in the strategy against repression to be taken.” “It is these minimum conditions that must allow us to face a negotiation process to address the substance of the issue: resolving the political conflict,” he said.

In the same vein, the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, explained that the Government is facing the next session of the negotiating table “with all the will in the world” to be able to reach specific agreements to reverse part of the repressive architecture that has been built up in recent years by the state, a stepping stone in the resolution of the conflict.

Opportunity not to be missed

“Our determination is that in the first phase, all this part against repression should be sufficiently advanced to tackle the root of the problem: the political relations between Catalonia and the Spanish State, and the lack of response to the demand by the majority of the people to decide their future freely,” Mr Aragonès made clear.

Mr Jové warned that the moment requires a “long-term outlook,” and warned that “letting the window of opportunity pass and not joining forces is irresponsible.” Mr Aragonès said that “it will not be easy, there will be many difficulties,” and added that “we cannot miss any opportunities, because ‘the worse the situation, the better’—as some who want confrontation with a possible far-right Spanish government say—simply does not work, it’s ‘the worse the situation, the worse it will be,’” the President added.

“We will fight for every millimetre that will lift the repression so many are suffering in this country and for every millimetre that brings this country closer to a future of freedom, free of corruption and socially just,” concluded Mr Jové.