Esquerra challenges Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez on Operation Catalonia: “You cannot remain indifferent; you have the opportunity of getting to the bottom of it all”

Esquerra spokesperson Raquel Sans called out the repeated revelations of the Spanish State's dirty war against independence as “shameful, though unsurprising”

Esquerra Republicana spokeswoman Raquel Sans has challenged the current Spanish Prime Minister directly regarding the fresh revelations on Operation Catalonia: “We ask that the Sánchez government not remain indifferent. Their reaction will be yet another litmus test to show that they shun this Operation Catalonia; they have the opportunity of getting to the bottom of it all and condemn these illegal practices.”

Ms Sans rated as “shameful, though unsurprising” the revelations that former People’s Party Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz received police reports which included fabricated evidence, of which then Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was aware, and would later leak them to the media opening the door to police and judges to use as the basis for many legal operations against pro-independence politicians and activists. “It doesn't surprise us, but it outrages us as democrats,” exclaimed Ms Sans.

“This operation is the tip of the iceberg with regard to the persecution of the independence movement. With Operation Catalonia, but also with espionage using Pegasus spyware targeting several presidents of the Catalan Generalitat government and placing the independence movement in a diminished position with regards to Spanish State, unbecoming of a democratic country,” Ms Sans denounced.

In this regard, Ms Sans also announced that appearances will be called for, “at the highest level,” of all those involved, in order to have “all the explanations” on this imbroglio, “that those who were behind the illegal eavesdropping and fabricated information should show their faces and give explanations,” she concluded.