Esquerra congratulates the SNP on their success in the Scottish elections

Esquerra Republicana on Saturday feted the excellent results of the Scottish National Party (SNP) obtained in Thursday’s Holyrood elections, winning 64 of the 129 seats and verging on an absolute majority.

“We celebrate that after three terms applying progressive policies, with their commitment to greater redistribution of wealth, improved public health, and better public education, our sister party in Scotland, a member of the European Free Alliance, has again won the confidence of the Scottish people to govern anew,” said Esquerra Republicana’s International Policy Secretary, Jordi Solé.

“Leading Scotland’s devolved government has not just been the duty of the SNP as a progressive party, but one of the most important paths to sum greater backing for the independence project. Today a new independence referendum is closer than ever,” added Mr Solé.

In fact, the excellent results at the polls for the SNP give them the strength to make the second independence referendum a reality, a proposal in which they will without doubt be accompanied by the Greens, who have also improved their results. “If the Scots, who in the Brexit referendum voted overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU, manage to call a new independence referendum and win it, they will not only become a new state but they will have our full support to become a new member of the Union too,” he concluded.

Esquerra Republicana also congratulates our friends in the progressive pro-independence party Plaid Cymru, also an EFA member, who have gained one more seat in the Welsh Senedd.