Esquerra endorses the May 12 election tickets, with President Aragonès and Vice President Vilagrà at the fore

Esquerra’s National Council endorsed the tickets for the May 12 parliamentary elections on Tuesday

The tickets for the May 12 elections once again include different political shades and profiles, in order to reflect the whole of Catalonia.

Catalonia’s Generalitat President Pere Aragonès, along with Vice-President Laura Vilagrà, are thus leading the ticket for Barcelona, with the purpose of substantiating the work done by the executive. The current leader of the parliamentary group, Josep Maria Jové—still pending trial for the 1st October referendum—will stand at number 3 on the ticket. Catalan member of parliament Najat Driouech will run again at number 4, alongside human rights activist and fourth secretary on the parliament bureau, Ruben Wagensberg, at number 9, although Mr Wagensberg is currently being persecuted unjustly for terrorism and is currently in Switzerland seeking legal advice.

Mr Aragonès asserted on Tuesday that Esquerra’s team is the best to continue leading the country after the 12 May elections. As the president and candidate said, this project “goes far beyond Esquerra Republicana and garners values and trajectories that will add yet more.” In this respect, Pere Aragonès highlighted the diversity of the Esquerra team, “just as our society is diverse,” he added.