Esquerra includes physicist and meteorologist Tomàs Molina as number two candidate for the European elections

The Ara Repúbliques ticket bolsters its ecological profile with a prominent figure in the fight against climate change

Physicist and meteorologist Tomàs-Manel Molina (Badalona, Barcelona, 1963) will be the number two candidate for Esquerra Republicana in the European elections on 9 June. Mr Molina will join the Ara Repúbliques (Now Republics) ticket, formed by Esquerra Republicana, Basque EH Bildu, Galician BNG and Balearic Ara Més (a coalition including Més per Mallorca, Més per Menorca and Ara Eivissa), headed by Esquerra MEP Diana Riba.

A physics graduate specializing in Earth Sciences and Cosmology, and a PhD candidate in Communication, Tomàs Molina has been the Head of Meteorology at Catalonia’s public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya since 1987. An associate professor at the University of Barcelona since 2000, he is an ambassador for the European Commission Climate Pact and has been a member of the board of directors of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia since it was established.

With Mr Molina, Ara Repúbliques sees its ecological profile bolstered by this prominent figure in the fight against climate change, with the purpose of continuing to build a socially just, green and feminist Europe of free nations, able to halt the far right.