Esquerra leader Junqueras meets with Gerry Adams: “The example of the Good Friday Agreement is extraordinary since it puts the possibility of holding a referendum on the table”

The president of Esquerra Republicana meets Sinn Féin’s historic leader in Belfast to strengthen collaboration in negotiation strategies for the democratic resolution of the political conflict with Spain

“From our point of view, the example of Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement is extraordinary, in the sense that it puts the possibility of holding a referendum on the table, by which the people of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland can decide on their future, and that is also our goal.” Esquerra Republicana leader Oriol Junqueras uttered these words on Thursday after meeting with historical Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams in Belfast.

The meeting, which included Esquerra’s Deputy Secretary General for International Relations Jordi Solé and Sinn Féin chief spokesperson Declan Kearney, took place at Sinn Féin’s Northern Ireland headquarters. Mr Junqueras stressed that both parties share the wish for the future of Catalonia and Ireland “to be decided by the people in the ballot,” and also “to generate wealth for our countries and for the world, and the wish to make fairer societies, with greater opportunities for everyone.” “Our relations with Sinn Féin are very important,” he assured.

Mr Junqueras has been visiting Ireland since last Monday to strengthen relations with Sinn Féin and to work together on strategies for negotiations in the resolution of political conflicts with the aim of applying them in the enduring conflict between Catalonia and Spain and in negotiations with the Spanish government.

We share with Sinn Féin the will to make societies fairer and with more opportunities for everyone.
Oriol Junqueras President of Esquerra Republicana

Mr Junqueras catalogued the international examples of political conflict resolution that Esquerra Republicana is looking at “with interest” including that of Quebec and Canada, “where the Supreme Court of Canada established that when a society asks repeatedly to decide on its future in a democratic and peaceful way, it must be able to do so.” He also mentioned Ireland’s Good Friday Agreements, “because they establish that when there is a clear majority, Northern Ireland will be able to vote on its reunification with the Republic of Ireland,” along with “what the European Union required as the conditions for the recognition of Montenegro, which are participation and a qualified majority.” “Catalonia wants exactly the same” he stressed.

Esquerra’s leader explained that, as with the rest of the leaders of Sinn Féin with whom he has met this week, Gerry Adams and he talked about the referendums in Catalonia and Ireland and the future of both countries, the right to decide, and “of the importance of the people deciding with their vote.” “But we also talked about economic and social policies,” he added. “We have noted the similarities between Catalonia and Ireland as open economies that look to the world, with export capacity, with the ability to attract investment, and at the same time, that also face similar problems such as housing, for example,” he noted. “Sharing opinions and experience with Sinn Féin is always a delight,” he concluded.