Esquerra’s National Coordinator Pere Aragonès wins the primary for Catalonia’s next election with record endorsement

After validating endorsements, Esquerra has formally appointed Mr Aragonès, Ms Vilalta, Ms Jordà and Ms Sans, all of whom faced no challengers, as candidates for Catalonia’s four constituencies

Esquerra Republicana’s Supervisory Committee has verified the signatures endorsing Pere Aragonès as the candidate in the next elections to the Parliament of Catalonia for the Barcelona constituency, with a record number of endorsements from party members.

The signatures endorsing Marta Vilalta, Teresa Jordà and Raquel Sans as candidates for Lleida, Girona and Tarragona respectively have also been validated.

Esquerra’s four leading candidates have thus been selected for the four constituencies in Catalonia, in the absence of other candidates.

Esquerra’s National Coordinator Pere Aragonès, who will lead Esquerra in the elections, received 2,343 valid endorsements, which is a record for the party—exceeding the 2,105 endorsements obtained by Oriol Junqueras for the European elections in 2019.

Raquel Sans, on the other hand, received 341 valid endorsements to head the Tarragona ticket, Marta Vilalta received 225 for Lleida, and Teresa Jordà 284 for Girona, each obtaining the support of over 10% of the membership in their federations.

The primary process is still under way to elect the members who will have to make up the entire tickets for each constituency, which will have to be ratified on December 12 by the party’s National Council.