Esquerra Republicana and other parties want the Parliament of Catalonia to recognize the Autonomous Administration of North & East Syria

Four parliamentary groups want it debated in September after the recess

The Esquerra, the centre-right Junts, the left-wing CUP-UNCPG and the En Comú Podem parliamentary groups jointly submitted a motion on Monday for a resolution for Parliament to recognize the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as a political subject in order to initiate institutional relations with them.

The motion for resolution, tabled for debate in the next parliamentary session, proposes the furtherance of the democratic system being promoted in this region of the Middle East and calls for a solidarity network to be rebuilt—not only materially but also to include reception and placement of refugees in Catalonia.

The initiative, signed by Esquerra Republicana MP Ruben Wagensberg, was entered after a Catalan delegation travelled to northeastern Syria to become acquainted with the region first hand and to establish bridges of cooperation. This is all part of a campaign to gather international support of lawmakers in various parliaments. With the document submitted on Monday, the Parliament of Catalonia is one of the first to take a step forward in the public recognition of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.