Esquerra Republicana leads Parliament to forge on with a Catalan transgender law

Esquerra wants a vote to check MCPs from discriminating or stigmatizing collectives

The Esquerra Republicana group in the Parliament of Catalonia has introduced a motion to expedite the work on a future Catalan Transgender Law providing for name change and recognition of the sex of transgender people. The law will have to be based on international recommendations, for example from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Esquerra’s lawmakers suggest the government should begin work on the bill within twelve months. This is one of the ways to comply with the Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination Act that was passed during the last parliament.

This was included in the motion following the question raised by the Member of the Catalan Parliament (MCP) Jenn Díaz for Government Minister Tània Verge in the first question time since the new Government was formed. In the draft, which will be put to the chamber next week, the Esquerra Republicana parliamentary group also proposes adapting the statues in order to guarantee the rights of recovery and care for the children of victims of gender-based violence without the condition of consent of both parents.

Esquerra also wants to submit to a vote in Parliament on whether MCPs have the duty to show “a respectful, scrupulous, and exemplary attitude” in parliamentary debates in accordance with the principles of equality and non-discrimination, both on the grounds of gender and sexual orientation, belief, ethnicity or language, or any other form of discrimination, “including the stigmatization and targeting of LGTBI groups and most especially of transgender people.” “We also advocate trans-inclusive feminism to curb the institutional violence that some, although an ever smaller minority, have stubbornly fed; we mean to fight those forms of hatred in this chamber that seek to victimize certain collectives,” said Esquerra MCP Jenn Diaz.