Esquerra Republicana pleased with the repeal of sedition and its significance regarding the campaign against repression

Esquerra reaffirms its commitment to the negotiations and continues in the pursuit of amnesty and self-determination

Esquerra Republicana is satisfied with the progress in the campaign against repression and with the repeal of the crime of sedition. Esquerra asserts that it is now evident that the reform of the Penal Code means a collective benefit, not only for the independence movement, but for democrats at large.

As Esquerra has long defended, the Supreme Court’s interpretation regarding sedition during the trial in connection with the 1st October 2017 independence referendum opened the door to condemning other peaceful movements for that crime. Esquerra thus applauds the recognition by the presiding judge Llarena that there is no substitution now for the crime of sedition but that it has been effectively eliminated. Esquerra holds that today, no one can question that. In addition, this brings Mr Llarena nearer to the “decriminalisation” of the events of the 1st October 2017.

Esquerra has repeatedly pointed out that the fact the reform has now come into force improves the objective conditions, now and for the future, for all those who have suffered reprisals. That is why Esquerra draws special attention to the importance of negotiation as a conflict resolution mechanism, and reaffirms its commitment to this avenue. In any case, Esquerra is also aware of the margin for interpretation that still remains with the Spanish judiciary when it comes to applying the new regulatory framework.

For this reason, Esquerra will continue to fight, both legally and politically, to put an end to repression. Esquerra Republicana defends amnesty as the best tool to cease repression deriving from the 1st October referendum since it is the path that ensures greater justice. Esquerra is working to achieve this goal, as well as to secure the right to self-determination so that Catalonia can freely decide its future in a plebiscite.

As for the implications that Judge Llarena’s posture may have on the still open cases of the exiles, Esquerra will respect all their personal decisions. Regarding Esquerra Republicana’s Secretary General Marta Rovira, she herself has assured in Geneva that this news deserves “an in-depth political, legal and personal assessment”. She therefore calls for “prudence” and points out that, “as she has done for almost 5 years in exile,” she will not make “hasty or immediate decisions.”