Esquerra Secretary General Marta Rovira: “We are here to help people, responsibly and with republican values”

Marta Rovira, in exile in Switzerland, has called on the party to continue working to put lives at the hub of decisions based on republican values

Esquerra Secretary General Marta Rovira gave the keynote speech at the party’s National Council, recalling that “our political aim is to help people, and in times like this, to go on doing everything necessary to help them. That is our commitment.”

Ms Rovira stressed that the global pandemic is “complex and difficult” and that everyone is making the same efforts while they learn: “learning, trying things out, maybe making some mistakes, but getting it right with others. But let no one doubt that we will give our all, that we will be there to help the people,” she said.

The Secretary General remarked that “in the face of criticism, the chitter-chatter and second-rate politicking, it is important to remember who Esquerra Republlicana is, where we come from and why we are here.” “We will repeat again and again that we are here to help the people, to put lives at the hub, with Republican values, responsibly, our vocation of public service,” she insisted.

A critical, crucial and delicate moment. That was how Marta Rovira defined the rise in infections and admissions to health centrers and intensive care units. From Geneva, she stressed that “it is necessary to prevent the collapse of the health services in order to manage this second wave, and it is necessary to do so with the resources and capacity that we have right now.”

Ms Rovira also defended that the new state of emergency recently invoked is no more than an instrument that “allows more decisions to be made to help people, although it does have risks and shortcomings,” and she called for perseverance in defending rights and freedoms.

Finally, the Secretary General criticised the lack of political instruments, powers and room for manoeuvre. “Every second that passes fighting this virus and the crisis it is leaving us, is one more second in favour of the Republic of social justice and equal opportunities that we have been pursuing for so many years and for which we continue to struggle,” she concluded.