Esquerra sees in the charges surrounding the Tsunami Democràtic a response to amnesty by Spain’s reactionary powers

Esquerra Republicana considers that the accusations regarding the 2019 Tsunami Democràtic protests against the party’s Secretary General Marta Rovira, Catalonia’s President Carles Puigdemont, the fourth secretary of the Bureau of the Catalan Parliament Ruben Wagensberg, Esquerra’s Secretary for Social Movements Marta Molina, and former Catalan government minister Xavier Vendrell and others, are the predictable and anti-democratic response by the reactionary powers of the State against the amnesty bill, This demonstrates once again that it is also a case construed with clear political intent. Indeed, this desperate reaction is a clear indicator of the quality and scope of the agreements sealed so far by Esquerra Republicana.

It is when Catalonia progresses politically that the repressive powers of the State come out and deploy all their tentacles to sabotage all democratic agreements. It is a clear cause-and-effect reaction, a move both predictable and deviant. And it also shows how right it was that Esquerra Repubicana should include the Tsunami Democràtic case in the amnesty accord.

In this regard, Esquerra Republicana notes that the agreed amnesty bill is a solution of transcendent force and importance. The party therefore reaffirms the need for this instrument in order to progress in the anti-repressive struggle against the legal persecution deployed to combat the democratic independence movement. And we remain firm in the face of every attack, in defence of social progress, and in the anti-repressive struggle, for self-determination and the independence of Catalonia.