Esquerra spokesperson Vilalta on Russia’s military attack on Ukraine: “We call for ceasefire and a democratic resolution”

Confronted with the military, political and humanitarian crisis that the Ukrainian people are suffering, Esquerra reaffirms that “Catalonia is and will continue to be a welcoming land of refuge.”

Esquerra Republicana denounces Russia’s military offensive against the people of Ukraine and joins the calls by various institutions and entities such as the United Nations for immediate cessation of these military attacks: “We call for a ceasefire, the end of war and a search for a democratic resolution to this conflict,” said Esquerra Deputy Secretary General and spokesperson Marta Vilalta at a press conference.

“Esquerra Republicana reiterates that the resolution of this conflict must be peaceful and via diplomatic channels in keeping with the Charter of the United Nations,” she insisted. In this regard, the party will take part in the anti-war protests that have been called all over Catalonia and encourages everyone to join them. “We convey all our solidarity to the people of Ukraine who are suffering terribly, as well as to the Ukrainian community resident in Catalonia,” she added.

Likewise, confronted with the military, political and humanitarian crisis, Ms Vilalta has assured on behalf of the party, and as the Government has already stated, that “Catalonia is and will continue to be a welcoming land of refuge.” In fact, “with so many people forced to leave their country, their lives in danger, reception is a duty,” said the spokeswoman, who also praised the government for setting up a technical committee to coordinate Catalan aid and response in Ukraine. For example, Catalonia’s Ministry of Equality and Feminism has already made available a telephone number to provide psychological and legal support to those who may reach Catalonia fleeing the war.