Esquerra’s leadership wants a stronger National Executive to face the new term

The National Council is to ratify the new members of the party executive on Saturday, 17 September

Esquerra Republicana seeks to strengthen the National Executive to face the many challenges that the party must face during the new political term in which it will have to respond to the social and economic necessities from all the institutions where the party is present, especially from the Catalan Generalitat government, as well as the town councils.

With the aim of coordinating political and parliamentary action at the various chambers and institutions at which Esquerra Republicana has a representation, the party leadership proposes the appointment of the member of the Catalan Parliament MCP Juli Fernandez to the new post of Vice-Secretary for Institutional Coordination. Mr Fernàndez, who has lengthy management experience, was mayor of Sabadell from 2015 to 2017 and deputy mayor from 2017 to 2019. He was later a delegate of the Generalitat Government in Barcelona.

Likewise, Esquerra’s deputy spokesperson in the Parliament of Catalonia Meritxell Serret, would take over from Alba Vergés as Deputy General Secretary for Open Party. Ms Serret, who was Minister for Agriculture with the government on 1 October 2017, and subsequently the delegate of the Generalitat government to the European Union while in exile in Brussels, will assume the post held until now by the current Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and candidate for mayor of Igualada in the upcoming municipal elections, an objective she wants to focus on to make the capital of Anoia a republican city.

Furthermore, journalist Marc Colomer, who has until now been the director of strategic communication of the party, will take over the post of Deputy Secretary General for Communication and Strategy from Oriol Lladó, who is returning to private professional practice. Mr Colomer was director of the Catalan News Agency between 2016 and 2022 and has worked as a journalist for over 25 years in the newsrooms of news media El Punt, Diari Ara, Europa Press and Ràdio Arenys, where he was the director. He has collaborated as a political analyst on Catalan broadcaster TVC, Catalunya Ràdio, RAC1, Euskal Telebista and Euskadi Irratia, among others.

These changes to Esquerra’s National Executive are to be approved by the party’s National Council to be held on Saturday, 17 September in Barcelona. If approved at the meeting of the National Council, the convening of the party’s congressional process will begin. This will feature two key dates: 6 November, with the election of the President, the Secretary General and their executive, while at the end of January the plenary session of the National Congress will be held.

These changes thus precede those that may occur during the 29th National Congress of Esquerra Repbulicana, with the aim of constantly strengthening the organization in order to meet the challenges at evey moment.