Esquerra’s National Congress brought forward to the autumn to strengthen the party and meet the challenges facing the nation

On 6 November, an initial vote will take place to renovate and reinforce Esquerra’s leadership, while at the beginning of next year the plenary session will be held to renew the party’s strategic manifesto

In a meeting on Monday, 29 August, Esquerra Republicana’s Executive proposed bringing forward the party’s National Congress, initially scheduled for 2023, to autumn of this year. Thus, once the National Council of September 17 formally approves it, a congressional process marked by two key moments will begin: on 6 November, an initial vote will be held to renew and strengthen Esquerra’s leadership, and at the beginning of 2023, the plenary session will be held to revise the party’s strategy papers.

The aim of bringing the congressional process forward is to strengthen and prepare the party for the challenges that the country faces at all levels, be they social, economic or national, and to do so with a direction that combines the experience and established leadership with the renovation the current conditions require.

That is what the president and general secretary of Esquerra, Oriol Junqueras and Marta Rovira, have conveyed to Esquerra’s members in a letter where they show their will, energy and commitment to stand again and continue leading the party, emphasizing how important it is for the members to participate and contribute to “make Esquerra Republicana an even stronger organization, ready to serve this country.

Esquerra is well aware that the coming political year will be strongly marked by the post-pandemic context, the socio-economic crisis aggravated by the situation in Ukraine, and by a national agenda that cannot be set back and which through the negotiating table between the Catalan and the Spanish Government must fruitfully materialize in democratic and anti-repressive issues, as well as take steps in the resolution of the political conflict.

It will also be a political year in which municipal elections will be held, and Esquerra Republicana means to come to the ballot with a strengthened and best prepared organization to consolidate our republican and transformative project throughout the Catalan Countries.

With this congressional process, Esquerra Republicana means to build up its entire political capital and place it at the service of the country; to reinforce our transformative and purposeful commitment working through the institutions; and also to enhance its strategic commitment to build the Catalan Republic, which involves amnesty and self-determination, the two great issues upheld by consensus of Catalan society.

The process will take almost half a year and will include all the necessary territorial and sectoral debates to jointly draft the final strategic manifesto.