Former Foreign Minister Raül Romeva joins Esquerra Republicana's National Executive to set the Green Agenda at the hub of the party

The political prisoner is to be appointed Deputy Secretary General for Prospectives & Agenda 2030 at the suggestion of party chair Oriol Junqueras, in order to position the major global challenges among the main focal points for Esquerra in the coming years, and to play a key role in garnering experience and expertise in the field

Esquerra Republicana has decided to appoint Raül Romeva to the party’s National Executive as Deputy Secretary General for Prospectives & Agenda 2030, at the proposal of President Oriol Junqueras. The aim of the appointment is twofold. On one hand, it is to strengthen the party and to place Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda at the very centre of the organization, and at the same time recognize the prospective work already done by Mr Romeva—to be carried out now from the party leadership—giving him a key role in strengthening the party his with strategic vision in those fields.

Esquerra Republicana considers it essential to work as an organization on the global challenges posed by the 2030 Agenda, and there is no better person to lead in this task from within than Raül Romeva, as knowledgeable of the programme as any other, and with enormous experience in the fields of the Green Struggle and the Climate Emergency, as well as the social causes and issues they bring to the public agenda.

As an organization, we aim to contribute to the resolution of the global challenges from Catalonia. We are pro-independence activists committed to the collective good and we want to establish our own State in order to be co-responsible for building a better world. It is thus essential that we continue working in those areas from the party and from all the institutions where we are represented. We understand democracy, negotiation and the defence of rights as a way of reforming power relations traditionally based on economic capacity, military coercion and the legal framework of unto now conservative institutional systems.

At Esquerra Republicana, we are fully aware of the magnitude of the challenges facing us as a society. We therefore need to acquire the tools and we need to analyse the causes, the objectives and the steps to be taken to reach them. This is the task we will now continue under the direction of Raül Romeva, who will lead party policy in those areas.

The National Executive approved the appointment on the 5th of October, which will now have to be ratified at the next Ordinary National Council meeting to be held later this month.