The Catalan Government endorses the creation of a group of experts to define post-Covid19 Catalonia

The Catalonia 2022 project brings together 30 experts from different fields and who represent the country's talent far and wide

The Catalan Generalitat Government has approved the establishment of a group of experts to countenance the construction of Catalonia after the coronavirus. The project, named Catalonia 2022, is sustained by a total of 30 experts—15 men and 15 women—all authorities in different fields, and whose expertise is recognized nationally and internationally.

The purpose of the project is to “anticipate the reality that we will have to face after the pandemic,” explained the Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economy, Pere Aragonès, who went on to say the working group will have to define a “horizon for the future” and lay the foundations for “Catalonia in 2022” in this context of post-crisis health. Which is why “we want to have all the talent in the country with us,” said the Vice-President, who recalled that similar initiatives are being launched throughout Europe and the world.

Regarding the thirty members of the working group, Mr Aragonés stressed that they are authorities in the fields of research, business, technological innovation, public administration and governance, as well as in the field of arts and audiovisuals, among others, all of whom are personalities who “have applied their expertise far and wide, and who will attract talent for collective discussion,” said the Vice-President.

Mr Aragonés also emphasized the importance of the group being made up of persons with a “diversity of criteria,” and stressed that in this way “plurality, independence and autonomy are guaranteed.” “Deliberation of this scope surpasses any Government and any Parliament,” Mr Aragonés asserted, and defended that a project of this nature "must be advanced by the best talent in the country, to ensure that the coming age is one of opportunity for Catalonia.”

"It is essential we deal with the emergency, and we are engaging it with urgency,” said Mr Aragonés, “but we need to start thinking about Catalonia in 2022,” he concluded.