Esquerra Republicana condemns the invasion of Syrian Kurdistan and calls for the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish army

Esquerra Republicana expresses firm condemnation of the military offensive dubbed “Operation Peace Spring” initiated by the Turkish armed forces against Syrian Kurdistan. We denounce this military operation as being a breach of the principles of international law, constituting yet another factor for destabilization in the region. We demand immediate cessation of military operations and the withdrawal of the Turkish army.

Furthermore, we wish to voice our concern for the safety of the local population, since the attacks entail a grave risk of violations of international humanitarian law which will lead to a humanitarian crisis, the large-scale loss of civilian lives, forced displacement and demographic alterations. The forced resettlement in the area of Syrian refugees now in Turkey, which may be one of the reasons for the Turkish strike, is also contrary to international law.

We regret the irresponsible withdrawal of the US Army, leaving the Kurdish people to fend for themselves, a people who during the last five years have had an indispensable role in the defeat of Daesh Jihadi terrorism in north-eastern Syria. It is to be recalled that over 12,000 jihadists are still being held captive in that territory, and that the withdrawal of the United States and the Turkish offensive jeopardize the progress made to date in ending Islamic State activity in the area.

Finally, we wish to convey our solidarity with the Kurdish people, long-suffering victims of persecution, repression and discrimination, and we express our support for the right to political self-determination of Kurdistan.