Esquerra takes the Spanish monarchy scandal to Europe and calls for the European Commission to investigate

MEP Diana Riba submits a parliamentary question asking the European executive to investigate, and also inquiring about Josep Borrell

Esquerra Republicana has taken the Spanish monarchy scandal to the heart of Europe. Esquerra MEP Diana Riba has urged the European Commission to look into an alleged case of money laundering that seriously implies the Spanish Royal Family. Specifically, it concerns the discovery of a $100 million Swiss bank account held by King Juan Carlos, which according to the Tribune de Genève originated in a donation made by the government of Saudi Arabia.

The text submitted by Ms Riba alleges that, according to investigations by the journalists, this money would be a connected with a commission linked to a €6.3 billion contract tender for the construction of a High Speed train line in Mecca, which was awarded to several Spanish companies.

Concerning these serious allegations, Ms Riba points out that this could be a violation of European anti-money laundering legislation and demands that there should be an investigation into whether this manner of legislation to fight corruption is being properly implemented in Spain. In addition, considering that the current head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell was the Spanish Foreign Minister at the time, Ms Riba also wants to clear up whether he was aware of the relationship between the so-called King Emeritus and Saudi Arabia during his past tenure.