Oriol Junqueras, currently imprisoned, and Marta Rovira, in exile, ratified as leaders of Esquerra Republicana

In the ongoing leadership renewal process, the ticket headed by the two leaders suffering Spanish reprisal receives support nearing 9 out of 10 party members

Esquerra’s membership proffers broad support with a total 88.34% of votes in favour of the Compromís Republicà (Republican Commitment) ticket headed by Junqueras and Rovira for the 28th Esquerra Republicana National Congress. Oriol Junqueras, imprisoned since 2017, has been returned as party President, along with Marta Rovira, exiled in Switzerland since early 2018, as Secretary General of Esquerra.

The candidacy aims to strengthen Esquerra as a useful instrument for the country, and to consolidate the party in the service of the citizens and for the construction of the Catalan Republic. That is why they have opted for a double tandem, in which the party leadership by President Oriol Junqueras and Secretary General Marta Rovira will be strengthened by Pere Aragonès as the new National Coordinator and Marta Vilalta as the new Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson.

Spokesperson Marta Vilalta remarked that "with this election, Esquerra has been strengthened, with the leadership currently suffering exile and political imprisonment, fortified and with strong backing in order to forge ahead."

Regarding the party’s International Policy area, former Esquerra MEP Jordi Solé also received renewed support as he was re-elected the Secretary for International Policy with 86.07% of the members’ votes. Esquerra’s international strategy is thus reinforced with clear intent to spur the party’s projection abroad and to internationalise the anomalous political plight currently being suffered by Catalonia.