Over 80 trade unionists call to vote for Esquerra Republicana to defend the working class

The signers consider a victory by Esquerra as “essential” to ensure workers’ rights

Some eighty members of several trade unions have signed a joint manifesto calling for support for Esquerra Republicana in the 23 July elections in order to ensure the rights of workers. The manifesto, which can be found here (In Catalan), defends that voting for Esquerra on Sunday is to stake on the improvement of working conditions in Catalonia with proposals such as the recovery of 45 days severance pay for every year worked in cases of unfair dismissal, and promoting measures against precarious conditions, and part-time and irregular work.

The co-signers also consider necessary other legal instruments proposed by Esquerra, including the repeal of the Gag Law, increase in the number of Workplace Inspectors, strengthening the Catalan Labour Relations Framework and defending the public pension system, which has already been raised for the elderly thanks to the negotiations by Esquerra Republicana

The manifesto contains a total of twenty measures to contribute to the return of workers’ rights, especially after the right-wing People’s Party and socialist PSOE labour reforms, the rocketing inflation in recent months and the precarious labour market that has dragged on since the 2008 crisis.