Pere Aragonès: “It’s time for the new republican Generalitat government”

Esquerra leaders Aragonès and Junqueras highlight the republican, pro-independence victory in the 14 February elections at the party’s National Council meeting, placing it at the service of the country in its progress towards social justice and the Catalan Republic.

“The country can wait no longer, in this hour of hope, it’s time for those of us who defend amnesty and self-determination to come to agreement, to initiate change, it’s time for the new republican Generalitat government”. Esquerra Republicana’s National Coordinator and candidate to the presidency of the Catalan Generalitat government, Pere Aragonès was compelling in his opening speech of the party National Council held last Friday afternoon, the first after the elections to Parliament on February 14th.

Mr Aragonés went on to affirm that “we all need to come to an understanding to be stronger and to achieve true freedom for our country. This is no time for excuses, but for ambition. Junts, CUP, Comuns and Esquerra—the Catalan parties favouring a referendum—have the responsibility of agreeing to take the huge step forward that this country needs. We cannot halt the force of October 1st and 3rd by hiding behind excuses” he said, referring to the independence referendum of 1st October 1, 2017 and the general strike three days later, on 3rd October, protesting the violence wreaked by the Spanish police during the day of voting.

In the same vein, Esquerra’s candidate stressed that “the new republican Generalitat will be a government at the side of the people, profoundly feminist, undauntedly environmentalist and radically democratic, assuming all the consequences that this implies.”

  Pere Aragonès: “It’s time for the new republican Generalitat government”

Mr Aragonés continued emphasizing it would be a strong, broad-based government: “We know that the best way is to build the government based on the spirit of 3rd October, a government of shared struggles, a government for the new referendum, a government for balance between economy and protection of the territory, a government for social rights for all,” he concluded.

For his part, Esquerra president Oriol Junqueras addressed the party’s National Council for the first time after three and a half years in prison, and gave a historical review of Esquerra’s victories that “have always contributed to the country progressing decisively. So now, these victories must open the doors for us to overcome the pandemic, the economic crisis and to lay the foundations for amnesty, self-determination and the Catalan Republic,” he declared.

Junqueras also stressed that the party and its victory are for the nation to progress socially and nationally. “We place ourselves at the service of the country. We are ready to govern for all, and we offer our hand, outstretched to everyone. The country must move forward decisively with this considerable majority. Esquerra Republicana has always staked it all. We face a historic opportunity, because independence has won like never before and has done so from the left. This has not happened in many decades,” he recalled.

Both thanked the effort made and the involvement in the election campaign of all those who make up Esquerra Republicana.