President Aragonés stakes on a broad-based Government committed to self-determination and social justice

With a broad-based outline and proven experience, Natàlia Mas, Juli Fernández, Manel Balcells, Joaquim Nadal, Gemma Ubasart and Carles Campuzano step forward and join the Executive

The new government is moving forward, and it does so by strengthening the cabinet with new ministers with broadly progressive profiles, mirroring the ample social majorities that will complete President Pere Aragonès’ executive. The cabinet has been overhauled in under 48 hours to give an agile response to the new political situation in the country. On Sunday, the President made public the names that will provide continuity for the Government’s project, committed to self-determination, social justice and republicanism, with names that respond to a highway towards broad-based progress, all possessing proven experience.

The new government will be gender-equal, with the same number of men and women.

Who are the new cabinet members?

  • Juli Fernández i Olivares, Minister for Territory.
  • Natàlia Mas i Guix, Minister for Economy and Finance; she is the first woman with this portfolio.
  • Joaquim Nadal i Farreras, Minister for Research and Universities.
  • Meritxell Serret i Aleu, Minister for Foreign Action and Open Government. She was the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the Government associated with the Independence referendum of 2017.
  • Carles Campuzano Canadès, Minister for Social Rights.
  • Gemma Ubasart i González, Minister for Justice, Rights and Memory.
  • Manel Balcells i Díaz, Minister for Health.

The new executive commits to broad progressive policies with the incorporation of ministers from various political backgrounds; it is the Government of the 80% social majority that wants to determine the future of Catalonia. Many of them come from Esquerra, but there are also those who are stepping forward from other political circles to stand by the President, and are linked to the Catalan facet of socialism, to the more social-democratic wing of the old CDC party, and to the orbit of the Comuns, the Catalan sister party of Podemos. Once they take office in the coming days, they will officially join the executive alongside:

  • Laura Vilagrà, Minister for the Presidential Department.
  • Roger Torrent, Minister for Business and Labour.
  • Tània Verge, Minister for Equality and Feminism.
  • Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, Minister for Education.
  • Teresa Jordà, Minister for Climate Action, Agriculture and Food.
  • Joan Ignasi Elena, Minister for Home Affairs.
  • Natàlia Garriga, Minister for Culture.

President Aragonès has worked intensively and with maximum celerity to establish the new Cabinet and to open a new political cycle at the service of the people. We are on the brink of a serious economic and social crisis marked by inflation and the energy emergency. Faced with this, now is the time for the Government to stand by the public without distractions, to clear the way of uncertainty, and take on the necessary responsibilities to deal with the serious situation the country faces, from the point of view of both social and national issues.