Esquerra Republicana joins the Progressive International, the global progressive alliance

As a Progressive, Europeanist, Internationalist party, Esquerra Republicana joins the “Progressive International” to actively participate in the articulation of an international, global progressive movement setting forth a proposal for social, economic and ecological advancement based on a framework other than that which is now predominant, and aspires to lead a response to the global challenges and to counteract the rise of populist and reactionary movements that are also assembling worldwide.

At a time of this global health, social and economic crisis provoked by the CoViD-19 pandemic, it is necessary to establish a space for reflection by the progressive movements. In an exceptional, complex situation for all of humanity, we must join forces to learn and exchange good practices that will help implement the most advanced policies possible, with the primary goal of protecting and saving people wherever they live.

At Esquerra Republicana we believe that it is essential to build a common front with all those left-wing progressive movements in favour of the urgent implementation of the emergent “Green New Deal” and a global governance that prioritizes the fulfilment of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development approved by the United Nations. The Progressive International was brought to being in order to respond to the call for the global union of progressive forces made by former Greek Minister Yanus Varoufakis’ “Democracy in Europe Movement 2025” (DiEM25), and the “Sanders Institute,” an entity gathering around two-time US presidential primary candidate for the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders.

All told, the leading goal of the Progressive International is to coordinate, organize and mobilize global progressive forces behind a shared vision of a different world than today’s. But it is also an organization that, like Esquerra Republicana, promotes democracy, social justice, equality and freedom among citizens, international solidarity, sustainable development, pacifism, a post-capitalist world, the eradication of poverty and the plurality of societies.