“The acts in Melilla are a brutality against human rights. The Spanish government must rectify” says Esquerra spokeswoman Marta Vilalta

The national spokeswoman for Esquerra’s youth branch “Jovent” denounces attempted espionage in the organization, revealed yesterday. “We are determined to culminate the process of national liberation by much repression imposed on us.”

Deputy Secretary General and spokesperson for Esquerra Marta Vilalta denounced the acts in Melilla last Friday at a press conference yesterday. She described the police action as “brutality against human rights.” She also criticized the statements by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. “With dozens of people murdered, how can you say the action was exemplary?”

“This violation of rights is unsustainable, as is the abject, unfortunate reaction of the Spanish government.” With these words, Ms Vilalta demanded the rectification by the Spanish government, an immediate investigation into the incident, and that these act should not be repeated. The spokeswoman lamented that the Spanish government should be known as “the most progressive in history” while allowing these “aberrations.”

Meanwhile, revelations of attempted espionage on Esquerra’s youth branch Jovent was also made public. The press conference was thus also attended by their national spokesperson, Kenya Domènech. She spoke out against what she considers “a violation of rights, such as those of political participation and protest.” Ms Domènech said that Spain and its deep state sewers are clearly interested in the pro-independence youth organizations because “we scare them, they know that we are stronger, and they are ready and willing to do absolutely anything” against the movement.

The youths’ spokeswoman claimed that what they are showing is simply “despair” and that Jovent is determined to “culminate the [Catalan] national liberation process, however much repression exercised upon us.” She concluded by announcing that they will take legal action.

In a show of solidarity, Ms Vilalta spoke out on behalf of Esquerra to those affected “by these manoeuvres and coercion by the Spanish security services,” remarking that “repression is a fact” and that the party “will do anything and everything” to end it.

Finally, Ms Vilalta lamented the international news that is reaching us. On the one hand, the repeal of the right to abortion in the United States, which she described as an “intolerable regression of women’s rights” and warned that in Spain “some would also like to impose it if they came to attain power” referring to the far-right. In the same vein, she mourned and expressed her solidarity with the victims of the hate crime in Oslo.

“Precisely because we see examples daily of human rights backsliding, we must come to the fore every day and continue to be of service,” said Ms Vilalta.