The Catalan Parliament does not recognize Spain’s Supreme Court decision to disqualify the President of Catalonia

Esquerra MPs Sergi Sabrià, Anna Caula and Marta Vilalta blast the high court’s decision and censure its attack on freedom of expression and on the Catalan institutions

Catalonia’s Parliament does not recognize the legitimacy of the ruling by Spain’s Supreme Court disqualifying President Quim Torra and maintains that the decision by the high court is a blow to the institutions of Catalonia. It considers the decision by the Spanish judiciary to be “to the benefit of the unity of Spain and not to that of justice, fundamental rights and freedoms.” That is the joint statement by the Esquerra Republicana and Junts per Catalunya parliamentary groups, which was also approved in Parliament with the votes of the CUP group, and with the vote against of the En Comú Podem group—The remaining groups did not take part in the vote.

The pro-independence MPs also maintain their political support for the President despite the Supreme Court’s decision, and for the extemporary government that will now continue to respond to the economic, social and health crisis. The ruling against the President is also an attack on freedom of expression, say the MPs, yet another breach of the democratic principles and freedoms that occur systematically in Spain. It is with this significance that they undertake to ensure that citizens may exercise this right to the full.

The Parliament also asserts that the State Prosecutor’s Office acts according to political interest rather than to principles of legality and impartiality. At the suggestion of Esquerra and Junts per Catalunya, the Parliament has also called on the country’s entities and institutions to publicise Mr Torra's disqualification internationally as “disproportionate, irrational and an abuse of power”.

And so, the MPs conclude once again that without the recognition of the right to self-determination of Catalonia, the movements for independence and the right to self-determination of Catalonia will not cease. The political conflict between Catalonia and Spain will thus continue to exist.

The texts of the specific debate were approved after discussions in the morning between the parliamentary groups and their chairpersons, including Esquerra chair Sergi Sabrià. Esquerra’s parliamentary spokesperson Anna Caula defended the need to hold the plenary session, and the party Deputy Secretary General Marta Vilalta stressed that the disqualification of President Torra was a blow to democracy.