Esquerra leader Oriol Junqueras in Chile meets Senate President Álvaro Elizalde, and former President and Senator Yasna Provoste

Esquerra leader’s trip to Colombia, Argentina and Chile comes to a close: “We must strengthen the bonds with Latin America; we share many of the current and future challenges”

Esquerra Republicana leader Oriol Junqueras recently concluded his trip to Latin America in Chile, where he visited the Chilean Senate in Valparaíso to meet Christian Democrat senator, formerly the President of the Senate and candidate for the 2021 presidential elections, Yasna Provoste, and was welcomed by the current President of the Chamber, Álvaro Elizalde.

The cordial meeting with Yasna Provoste focused on the challenges facing both Chile and Catalonia. Some of these are shared and call both to work together, especially on educational and economic issues.

Mr Junqueras also met with mayors of the region to discuss some of the emergencies and needs they face in their councils, such as in public transport, and in this regard agreed to cooperate in the future Esquerra’s leader ended the day with an interview on television channel CNN Chile.

Mr Junqueras has thus closed the journey he undertook to Latin America on November 13 to bring the Catalan case and Spain’s repression to the institutions in Colombia, Argentina and Chile, closing the bonds of alliance and partnership. The journey has allowed him to meet political figures such as the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and with activists in defence of human rights, such as Argentine Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, among many others, and to speak at several conferences. “We need to strengthen ties with Latin America; we share many of the current and future challenges”, said the leader of Esquerra Republicana.