Esquerra leader Junqueras takes Sassoli to the European General Court for not defending his immunity

Mr Junqueras’ lawyer maintains his client was already an MEP when the President of the European Parliament ruled on his immunity

In a fresh step in the defence of Oriol Junqueras' rights as an MEP, Andreu Van den Eynde has filed an appeal with the General Court of the European Union calling for a ruling on 10 December by the President of the European Parliament denying the protection of Mr Junqueras’ immunity to be declared null and void.

Last October, while Oriol Junqueras was still in temporary custody, MEP Diana Riba petitioned the European Parliament to protect the republican leader's immunity. The European Parliament President David Sassoli rejected Ms Riba's request because he considered, wrongly according to Van den Eynde, that Junqueras was not an MEP. In addition, Oriol Junqueras' lawyer claims that Mr Sassoli disregarded the recommendations of the CJEU's attorney general, who acknowledged the republican leader’s status as an MEP.

It is this decision by David Sassoli that Mr Van den Eynde has now brought before the EU General Court, requesting its annulment. The lawyer claims that when Mr Sassoli ruled, Mr Junqueras was already an MEP and had immunity, as acknowledged by the ECJ ruling.

The republican leader’s defence thus continues on the legal path in Europe to protect Oriol Junqueras’ political rights.