Pepe Mujica meets with Oriol Junqueras and Raül Romeva and expresses his solidarity with the political prisoners

Former Frente Amplio President of Uruguay has expressed his solidarity with the Esquerra leaders jailed at Lledoners prison in an online meeting, and places hope in negotiation with Spain

Former President of Uruguay Pepe Mujica conveyed “all his solidarity” with the President of Esquerra Republicana Oriol Junqueras and former Catalan Minister Raül Romeva in an online meeting held this week at Lledoners prison after Mr Junqueras sent a letter to the Uruguayan leader. “I am a friend of all those who are imprisoned for political reasons,” Mr Mujica told the Esquerra Republicana leaders.

Mr Romeva expressed his wish to meet soon and thanked Mr Mujica “for all the support you have always given us.” In the same vein, Mr Junqueras expressed his thanks for “this show of solidarity.” “We have always shown sympathy for the causes for justice and liberty in Latin America and throughout the world. Our struggle is also one with the democratic struggles of many other peoples,” invoked the leader of Esquerra.

Pepe Mujica stressed during the conversation that in times of harsh conflict “there is no other way than the political way,” and for the Uruguayan leader this means “always negotiating.” He also conveyed to the Catalan leaders his “humble” disposal “to help with a negotiating table with the Spanish state.”

The former Uruguayan president finally reminded them that he himself had spent many Christmases alone. “I know what that is, and that is why I have in mind all political prisoners.”