“We Will Win Again (and how we will do it)” is Esquerra Republicana’s strategy proposal to gain the Catalan Republic

Esquerra Republicana’s President Oriol Junqueras and Secretary General Marta Rovira stake on ever greater preparation for independence once and for all.

Tornarem a vèncer (i com ho farem)—We Will Win Again (and how we will do it)— is the title Esquerra Republicana’s President Oriol Junqueras and Secretary General Marta Rovira have given Esquerra’s strategy proposal for independence, published as a political handbook.

The key to the strategy proposed by Esquerra is “to be ever better prepared in order to come again and gain the Catalan Republic once and for all.” Summing and summing. Getting more people to embrace the independence project. That is the path that will lead to the independence movement exceeding 50% of the votes, election after election, and helping penetrate key areas such as the Barcelona and Tarragona metropolitan areas, say Esquerra’s leaders. In this sense, they are committed to taking over the hegemony of the PSC—the Catalan subsidiary of Spain’s Socialist party—in these cities and rejecting any form of coalition with them in Catalonia’s Generalitat government. Because the goal is to be the alternative to the Socialists and to replace them so the pro-independence majority can continue growing.

The leaders are also committed to “governing well,” proving that the Catalan Republic is the path to social welfare. Being of use for people, improving their quality of life, and upholding shared values, such as decent housing, the feminist agenda, ecological transition, or the fight for fundamental rights.

But how do you achieve independence? Mr Junqueras and Ms Rovira point to a referendum accorded with Spain as “the best option for resolving the conflict” and the option that offers most guarantees. That is why they raise the banner of dialogue and do not reject any opportunity to sit and talk. But in the face of a traditionally unmoving state like Spain, they do not rule out having to return to unilateralism and civil disobedience.

Mr Junqueras and Ms Rovira have written this handbook as a “positive contribution” which avoids reproach and quarrels. It is a proposal that the authors are placing at the service of the people and the parties to be shared and revised if necessary, with the aim of putting independence at the centre of the nation’s debate, and to attain the Catalan Republic.

We Will Win Again (and how we will do it) is available at bookshops now. A presentation will take place simultaneously on Tuesday 8 September at 6.30 pm in several Catalan towns and in Geneva, and will be broadcast via streaming.